Genu-in: the power
to be genuine.

We are Genu-in, which produces collagen peptides and gelatins in their genuine, potent, pure state.

Our mission is to take care of people's well-being, health and nutrition, through the transformation of biological nutrients from the protein production chain, producing efficiently, sustainably and supported by science.

Genu-in collagen peptides and gelatin are obtained through high technology in all processes and exclusivity in the control of the production chain.





Integrated chain to ensure unique quality.

From the raw material to the final product, everything is done with great care, sustainability and responsibility.

The entire process is controlled and tracked in real time, ensuring quality and integrity at the microscopic level.

We take care of our animals health and well-being during all stages. In addition, we ensure that none comes from illegally deforested regions or with any assimilation to child and slave labor, as well as from invaded or indigenous lands.

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Innovation and technology 4.0 are part of our DNA.

Our products are created with the most advanced technology available on the market.

We invest in research and product development studies, only thus guaranteeing unparalleled purity;

We are an important part of the circular economy, where co-products are transformed into products that add value to people’s lives;

We follow the concept of industry 4.0, technological advances are present in all our processes;

We promote sustainability, with modernity and innovation, using natural resources responsibly.

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We are committed to being
for the people
and the planet.

ESG - Environmental, social responsibility and governance

We have work-areas with natural lighting and energy-saving equipment.

We fully recycle used packages, in addition to reusing and treating water.

We actively participate in projects such as Fazer o Bem Faz Bem and Juntos Pela

We practice in the circular economy, which promotes sustainability and the integration of our entire value chain.

We planted 32,000 native seedlings recovering the soil of our plant and improving the surroundings