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We combine science, innovation and expertise to create a product intended for animal nutrition, prioritizing the well-being of pets and the sustainability of the planet.

Our commitment is to provide innovative, scientifically proven solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers and their pet animals.

Genu-in Feed collagen peptide was developed to ensure the best nutrition and care for dogs, cats, horses and other pets, covering all stages of their lives.

We believe that animal nutrition should not only be effective, but also ethical and sustainable. To do this, we carefully select raw materials and track them in real time, ensuring their quality and origin.

Our production process is guided by sustainable practices in industry 4.0, resulting in a safe, high-tech product that benefits both the animals and the environment.

Count on Genu-in Feed to offer excellent and safe animal nutrition.

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Real-time traceability

of origin

High quality nutrition

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During the development process of collagen peptides, we carried
out several tests to create a product with an attractive sensory effect
for pets, that is, an ingredient that enriches and adds flavor to food.

Check out some benefits of Genu-in Feed collagen peptides for pets

• Protein supply
• Joint health and mobility
• Radiant fur and strong nails
• Helps in gaining muscle mass
• Increased bone density

Protein supply

Collagen peptides are a hydrolyzed protein that delivers excellent nutritional support. It provides essential and non-essential amino acids, which are building blocks for protein synthesis. Furthermore, collagen peptides can provide conditionally essential amino acids such as proline, glycine, arginine, cysteine and tyrosine, which tend to decrease in the body in certain health conditions or during the animal's aging. It is a supplement with high digestibility and bioavailability, important for good nutrition for pets.

Joint health
and mobility

As our companions age, just like humans, their joints can begin to wear out.

Genu-in Feed, our collagen peptides, help strengthen joints, making them more resistant to degeneration. This is particularly important for breeds prone to joint problems or wear and tear from exercise.

Collagen supplementation can promote greater mobility in dogs, cats and horses of all ages. This is crucial for maintaining the animals' vitality and allowing them to enjoy an active life.

Radiant furs
and strong nails

Collagen is an essential protein for building skin, fur and nails in animals. Supplementing with collagen peptides can help keep the fur shiny and the skin hydrated. Plus, stronger nails mean fewer breaks and a lower risk of injury.

Helps in gaining
muscle mass

Supplementing with collagen peptides can contribute to increased muscle mass, bone density and joint health.

In addition, the ingestion of collagen peptides can stimulate protein synthesis, promoting muscle and joint resistance, and improving the performance of competition animals.

bone density

Bone density is critical to the health of animals, especially as they age. Collagen peptide supplementation can increase the mineral density of bones, making them more resistant and less susceptible to fractures. This is particularly beneficial for senior animals, breeds predisposed to bone problems, and high-performance animals.

Is collagen safe

for animals?

Collagen is an essential protein that plays a fundamental role in the health of skin, joints and connective tissues, and can be a valuable element in maintaining the vitality and quality of life of dogs, cats and horses.

Consult experts: before starting any supplementation with collagen or any other product, it is essential to consult a veterinarian. The professional will be able to evaluate your pet's overall health and determine whether collagen is appropriate for its specific needs.

Follow dosage instructions: do not exceed the amount recommended by your veterinarian. Excess can cause digestive problems.

Combine with a balanced diet: collagen should be considered part of a diet for your pet. Do not replace its regular meals with collagen supplements.

Track the benefits: watch how collagen affects your dog, cat or horse's health over time. It may take a few weeks for the benefits to become evident, depending on your pet's specific needs.

Always consult a veterinarian and follow the guidelines regarding recommended doses.

Control from the

source seal

Genu-in only has products of known origin, manufactured from raw material generated by JBS. With this, we guarantee purity, consistency and traceability through the Control From the Source seal.

We have exclusive satellites that monitor more than 80,000 supplier farms daily. Throughout the journey of the raw material, we are in control of the animal's well-being and comfort. All steps are dated, monitored, codified and audited. This allows us complete confidence in the process and real-time traceability.

All this quality control associated with cutting-edge technology is what ensures the integrity of collagen fibers in their most genuine, powerful and pure state.


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