Taking care of people's
health and future
in every way.

Here at Genu-in, we value diversity and inclusion. Our vacancies are for all people: we want all genders, ages, musical styles and soccer teams represented.

We take care of people's health and future, and that comes from within, because our team is our priority, first and foremost. The concern with making a natural and healthy product comes from the awareness that valuing health now will lead us to a future with vigor and quality of life.

We understand that to build a better tomorrow, we need to have people who believe in our purpose and are aligned with our values.

Discover Genu-in values.


We are committed to our results. We are achievers, proactive and do not measure efforts to achieve our goals. We understand the strength and value of leading by example. We take responsibility for making it happen, guided by ethics.


We are always welcoming and available to listen. We prioritize “us” and not “me”. We teach and learn from each other and treat each other respectfully, regardless of our differences.


We deliver what we commit to. We work hard and take risks responsibly. We have a sense of urgency and we have the attitude to do what has to be done.


We love what we do, we prioritize what is essential and we dedicate time to it. We are approachable, empathetic and supportive. We share knowledge and are open to new ideas and reflections.


We seek excellence in everything. We are careful with our processes and make decisions based on facts and data. We respect and fulfill our agreements.


We avoid complicated solutions. We act practically. We simplify and debureaucratize. We get our hands on and make things happen.


We are direct, truthful and transparent in our relationships, always with respect. We express our opinions clearly, even if they are different or contrary to others, in a respectful, positive and aggregating way. We strengthen an environment of trust and we value assertive, accessible, and horizontal communication.

Genu-in Team: highly experienced professionals.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have made history in the collagen and gelatin peptides market. Meet here some of the leaders who are on the front lines, guiding and inspiring our entire team.

Claudia Yamana
Business director

Graduated in chemical engineering at Mauá and specialized in business at USP. She has more than 40 years of experience with leadership in the collagen and gelatin market.

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Jeremey Kaufmann
Vice President of Sales

Graduated in Chemistry from the University of South Dakota, he has more than 30 years of experience in Research and Development, Technical Service and Sales.

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Vivian Zague
Health and Nutrition
Research Manager

Pharmacist, Master and PhD in Cell and Tissue Biology. She has been working for over 23 years in scientific projects related to health and nutrition, connective tissues, especially collagen and aging processes.

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Thaís Otsuru
Sales Manager

Graduated in Food Engineering at USP, with a postgraduate degree in Business Management at Fundação Dom Cabral, she has been in the food and ingredients market for over 15 years.

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Tais Thimoteo
Market Strategy Manager

Experienced in the areas of Processes, Planning and Production and Quality Control. Focus on Market Intelligence over the past 14 years.

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Rodrigo Costa
Industrial Manager

Chemical Engineer graduated at the State University of Maringá with an MBA in strategic management, productivity and quality. Green belt in productivity (OEE methodology). He has 25 years of experience in Production, Process and Operations management in gelatin and collagen.

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