Innovation and technology are part of our DNA.

Our industry is 4.0.

A plant developed with extreme levels of quality, thinking about efficiency and productivity, we will promote sustainability combined with modernity and technology, always using natural resources responsibly.

What is Industry 4.0 and Industrial Automation?

Also known as the fourth industrial revolution, it is a concept of integration of different technologies, representing the automation of processes that were previously manual or unsynchronized. The main benefit of all this is the existence of a single system that encompasses all the industry information (machines, instruments, people, assets, among others).

With Genu-in's industrial automation, we get faster products that meet specific characteristics in a lean, sustainable operation with high quality standards.


Interlocks, blockers, and overflow sensors are some examples of how technology in the industrial
environment has enabled more safety for all factory operators.

Optimization of natural resources

We have optimization for the use of chemicals, steam and electrical energy. Manual operations are also reduced with the use of technology, which influences the time and performance of the industry.

Technology, innovation
and sustainability
guarantee quality that
only Genu-in offers.


Less waste of:

  • Inputs
  • Water
  • Effluent generation
  • Products loss
  • Gas emissions
  • Energy consumption
  • Thus we have a more
    sustainable production

Operational efficiency  

  • Reliability
  • Cost reduction
  • Advanced process control
  • Improved control and management
  • Real-time decision making with data and data-sharing
  • Smart maintenance
  • Better predictability and ease in problem solving
  • Less downtime with lean production
  • Faster products and following a quality standard
  • Value chain transformation
  • End-to-end hyperconnectivity
  • Production performance improvements