What's the Difference Between Quality Control and Quality Management?

At Genu-in, we understand that the quality of our collagen and gelatin products results from daily quality practices exercised in all internal processes. Consequently, we tend to perceive quality as an individual behavior rather than just a department. However, to ensure that these practices align with our plans or to create new ones, we have our quality area, which includes processes with different objectives, thus divided into "Quality Control" and "Quality Management."

Quality Control: Focus on Inspection

Quality control in our products is fundamental to ensure that Gelatin and Collagen Peptide meet their respective specifications before being released to our customers. Besides thoroughly analyzing the final products, quality control also ensures that the factory environment meets sanitary conditions for food production.

Quality control is responsible for the methodologies and training for analyses performed at each stage of the production process, ensuring quality even before the product is ready. Here are some key aspects of quality control at Genu-in:

1.   Process checks: Embracing the concept of modern quality, the operation itself conducts rigorous checks on products during production, with quality control providing full support for this to be executed excellently.

2.  Conformity identification: Our focus is to verify if the final product aligns with customer expectations, always following methodologies from internationally recognized compendiums and regulations.

Quality Management: Focus on Prevention and Continuous Improvement

Quality management is an intrinsic part of our culture at Genu-in. It goes beyond quality control and focuses on preventing problems before they arise. Here's how we apply quality management:

1.   Problem prevention: We implement robust processes to prevent issues from affecting the quality of our products.

2.   Continuous improvement: We constantly seek ways to enhance our processes and products to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

3.   Involvement of everyone: We encourage all team members to contribute ideas to improve Genu-in's product and process quality.

4.  Integrated Quality System: We have an integrated and certified system focused on product safety, customer satisfaction, environmental concerns, and our employees. Our policy is practiced by everyone to achieve our goals.

5.   Long-term satisfaction: Our vision is to provide long-term satisfaction to our customers by consistently maintaining high quality.

How These Concepts Benefit You

The difference between quality control and quality management at Genu-in reflects our holistic approach to ensuring superior collagen and gelatin products. Quality control ensures that each individual product meets standards, while quality management aims to create a culture where problems are minimized, and constant improvements are implemented.

By combining these approaches, our goal is to provide products that exceed your expectations, promoting the health and beauty of our customers.


At Genu-in, we understand that quality is an individual and continuous commitment. It's a culture, a result of standardized and high-performance processes. The difference between quality control and quality management becomes small when compared to our dedication to delivering the world's best collagen peptides and gelatins.

Francielly Arroio
November 14, 2023
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